What do “Contact List Groups” and “Contact List Segmentation” mean?

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Your contact and prospect lists may contains a lot of information, like when they signed up, where they’re located, which content they are interested in, and how they interact with your campaigns. You can use this information to filter subscribers into groups or segments, and then target these contacts with customized marketing content

How many months are we committed?

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Our agreements can be configured on an annual contract or a month-to-month basis, similar to a subscription model like Netflix. For annual contracts, the incentive is a discount of up to 20% and you can cancel at any time with an early termination fee. For month-to-month agreements, we simply ask that you provide a courtesy cancellation notice 30 days in advance.

What the heck is a “point”?

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Touchline Marketing has moved towards operating on a point system. We have 10+ years of internally tracking every minute of time we spent on marketing activities so we know how long things should take. With this history, we have cataloged how many points are needed for common marketing tasks so we can focus on providing value rather than billing hours.

What can be advertised on Google?

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Google restricts and/or prohibits advertising of various products and services such as prescription drugs, firearms, counterfeit goods, etc. If Google deems a Client’s product or service to fall within one of these categories, the use of Adwords may be severely restricted or completely prohibited. We recommend conducting a Market Analysis to see if your company, product, or service is a good fit for paid search marketing. In some cases, the costs of advertising through a specific digital channel may not make sense. It's best to have experienced professionals make recommendations before so you don't make expensive mistakes on your own.

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