What happens if I want to add some features to the website while you’re building it?

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While we like to be flexible and responsive to your needs, we also like to deliver what we promise within the time frames and budgets we have allowed. If you ask us to add new features to your website while we are building it, we will most likely ask why? If we all agree that your new request will help us achieve our objectives then we will be more than happy to oblige. If your new feature is something you would like to add to your website but is not directly tied to your original objectives then we will suggest to schedule it for a second iteration of the website once it has been launched. This will require a new statement of work.

What happens after the website is launched?

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Once your website is launched, we will provide 30 days of support to make sure any bugs have been ironed out and that you are confident using your new website. After this you will need to subscribe to our Monthly Website Maintenance Plan or one of our Custom Digital Marketing Plans to make sure your website is looked after and maintained. These plans may include updating your software, regular backups, security checks and making sure your website is online and open for business 24/7/365.

Who do I call if something goes wrong with the website or I can’t figure something out?

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Provided you subscribe to one of our digital marketing plans, we will be your first point of call should something go wrong with your website. We will determine whether it is something the hosting company needs to fix or something that is covered by your plan. We will provide training and tutorials to assist you in using your website once it is launched.

Where is the website hosted?

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WordPress Your website needs to be hosted by a hosting company that specializes in WordPress hosting. There are many companies that do this. We host many of our client websites at GoDaddy.com. As the world’s largest Wordpress hosting provider, they have award-winning, 24/7 support. HubSpot Your website will be hosted on the HubSpot Marketing Platform. Squarespace Your website will be hosted by Squarespace.

Why do you use WordPress?

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WordPress is open source content management software and currently powers around 25% of all websites on the Internet. The project is contributed to by tens of thousands of developers all over the world and is growing from strength to strength. WordPress allows us to develop flexible and customizable websites to modern standards and observes web development best practices. Furthermore the community of web developers that use WordPress reaches far and wide and allows us to tap in to this collective intelligence and bring that wealth of experience to your project.

What is an interactive prototype?

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An interactive prototype is a bare bones version of your website that is designed to prove the functionality and features as they will work in the browser. No design elements are applied at this stage as the prototype is just built to allow all parties to make final decisions on the functionality.

How long does a website project take to complete?

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A typical Website Essentials Project will take approximately 8 weeks to complete. Website project enhancements and add-ons may extend the project timeline. Timelines are also subject to variables that are often out of our control, such as systems access, resource availability, and client reviews & sign-off being executed in a timely manner. In some cases, timelines can be accelerated with a well-prepared client.   Discovery [2 Weeks] Discovery: Requirements gathering and scope of work review. Discovery: Development of a sitemap. Discovery: High-level design theme Discovery: Requirements gathering Discovery: Detailed scope of work Design [2 Weeks] Design: Development of wireframe or functional prototype. Design: Website user experience and user interface to allow the target audience to easily navigate and use the website to address their challenges and goals. Development [3 Weeks] Development: Development of a working website on the WordPress content management platform. Deployment [1 Week] Deployment: Final testing and debugging Deployment: Pre-Launch Checklist Deployment: Migration to production Deployment: Post-Launch Checklist

How will I know if anyone is visiting my website?

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We can install Google Analytics software on your new website and show you how to log into your Google Analytics account where you can see a wide range of statistics about your website including number of visits, page views than the amount of time people are spending on your website. Once you subscribe to a Monthly Website Maintenance Plan or one of our Custom Digital Marketing Plans, you will also receive more detailed analysis about your website performance and recommendations on how to improve.

Why should you use Touchline Marketing for your building and maintaining your website?

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Although we’ve built hundreds of websites since 1995… we're not only web designers, we're digital marketers. Our team will create a website that aligns with your marketing initiatives, not act as a billboard in the desert. Our website designs are based on strategy. We listen to our clients and develop a web design strategy that reflects their business objectives (ex. lead generation, awareness, customer loyalty). We create websites with these client objectives in mind.

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