Google Analytics Setup

Making sure your Google Analytics tracking code is properly setup and installed on your site is the critical first step in getting the data you need to succeed. We’ll review your tracking code installation to ensure it is properly setup, data is being tracked accurately, and that all key actions and goals on your website are properly measured. We’ll make adjustments to your Google Analytics account, including:

  • Adding goal tracking to measure a conversion goal on your website
  • Setting up filters to remove spam and invalid visitors
  • Setting up segments for key customer profiles to help you track specific visitor data
  • Integration with Google AdWords (if used) and Google Search Console
  • Integration with Google Tag Manager, where applicable for ease of maintenance

Google Analytics Setup is an Add-On Service to:

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Google Analytics & Tag Manager

  • Website Traffic Analytics

  • Tracking Code Install

  • Goal Tracking

  • Spam Filtering

  • Google Search Console Integration

  • Google Tag Manager

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