“Under Construction” or “Coming Soon”

The modern shelf life for a website design is about 2-3 years.  If your site is approaching this time frame, it is time to start planning.

Coming across the words “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon” on a website make us cringe.  This sends an unprofessional message to potential customers that you may be disorganized.

If someone has put forth enough effort to create this “under construction” page, I guarantee there is at least enough information to put something vaguely descriptive together and connect a lead collection device.

Let’s take a look at a typical situation.

1. Joe the Webmaster gets an email from VP Mary (his boss).

2. VP Mary says that ACME CO. has a new service called Widget Repair and directs Joe to post a new page on the website immediately, but there is no copy finalized yet so “Coming Soon” is used as a placeholder.

The area of improvement falls on VP Mary’s shoulders.  She could have easily provided the following 2 sentences of basic content and request a call-to-action button connected to a simple landing page:

Widget Repair Services

ACME CO. is excited to offer Widget Repair services. For complete details, Request a FREE QUOTE today.  A certified ACME CO. Widget specialist will contact you to discuss a custom plan for your organization.

With a minimum amount of effort, ACME CO. is now set up with a temporary lead collection mechanism:

  1. The call-to-action button links to a landing page.
  2. The landing page captures some basic information.
  3. The information gets sent via existing integration with a CRM system (email request works for this temporary scenario as well).
  4. A rep collects the inquiry and responds.

This is a much better temporary solution than the “Coming Soon” page.  Along with Touchline Marketing, there are other top Minneapolis web design companies that can get you pointed in the right direction.