Things A CEO Should Avoid On Their LinkedIn Profile

The business world has changed over the past few decades. One of the biggest changes has been the popularity of the Internet and the use of the Internet by the business world.

Most businesses routinely use websites, twitter accounts, and social media to communicate with customers and prospects on a regular basis.  These same companies conduct a large percentage of their daily business operations on the Internet and via “the cloud” for human resources, customer service, enterprise resource planning (ERP), analytics, and sales.

Social Media

While other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest receive a lot of fanfare, LinkedIn is the social media platform that is primarily a business resource. The reasons for utilizing LinkedIn vary among business professionals, but professional networking, lead generation, sales activity, and B2B marketing are primary reasons why people use LinkedIn.


If you are an executive interested in using LinkedIn or currently use LinkedIn, there are a variety of things that you should understand. For upper management business professionals, especially CEOs, great care must be taken with the use of LinkedIn for professional networking and LinkedIn marketing.

The reason is because the rules for CEOs are different than other business professionals. People expect a certain polished presence from CEOs, so image is very important. Therefore, CEOs’ LinkedIn accounts must be constructed very carefully.

LinkedIn For CEOs – Things To Avoid

  1. Unprofessional profile photos.
  2. A rarely used LinkedIn status.
  3. An incomplete work history.
  4. A blank summary.
  5. Out of date information.

LinkedIn For CEOs – Things To Do

  1. Make connections.
  2. Join industry groups.
  3. Post thought leadership articles.
  4. Share status updates from your company.
  5. Share status updates from your partners.
  6. Recruit executive talent via the internal mail functions.

If you are a CEO or have aspirations for an upper management position, you should take a moment to review your LinkedIn account.  Make sure that you are using LinkedIn in a manner that highlights your personal brand and does not affect you or your company negatively.

The tips listed above are just a few things that should be considered while reviewing your LinkedIn profile.  A polished LinkedIn account can be an efficient tool to make that key business connection or shortening a future sales cycle.