As of June 2017, Facebook had more than two billion active monthly users around the world. For this single reason, it is imperative that this social media site be used to market your company’s goods or services. To this end, your company should create a dedicated Facebook company page – one that you and your employees can use to leverage the power of their personal pages in promoting the company and its wares. It is quite a natural process to accomplish this goal and take advantage of the vast Facebook landscape – or “grass” as they refer to it internally.

With those thoughts in mind, here is a quick tutorial on how to easily share your company’s Facebook posts to your personal Facebook page and then on to your Facebook contacts:


1 – Create a post on the company Facebook page

The first step is for you or a marketing person to create the post on the company page. These posts should be relevant and timely. They should also not overwhelm the end-user or you may find yourself getting blocked. Facebook is a low volume/ high-value site, so 3 – 7 posts per week will suffice.

2 – Share the post from the company page

Once the post is finished, the admin creating the page can then click the “share” button, and Facebook’s distribution algorithm will send it out to the various end-user news feeds that it deems appropriate. This algorithm is highly proprietary – and contains over 100K weight factors – so it is difficult to write to it exactly. In short, unless you are a media outlet or delivering breaking news, stick to the basics of your industry, You do – or should! – know what they are.

3 – Become a Facebook Page Administrator

If possible, add yourself as an administrator to the company page – If you are an owner, principal or executive in a company, you will most likely receive the post as a news feed. However, having yourself – and as many other people as you like as there is no limit – assigned as an administrator will ensure it. Bear in mind that there are five types of admin roles on a Facebook page. You want to be a “manager” or “ content curator.” Limit access to the page to others by making them a “moderator” or an “insights analyst.”

4 – Share company posts via your personal page

Depending on how “in the loop” you are as concerns the social media marketing of your company, you can visit your personal page on a scheduled or an ad hoc basis. If you know the schedule of when the posts should arrive, it is easiest to wait until that date arrives.

Look for the post in your news feed – Finding the post is as simple as reading through your new messages. Once you have the right one, add a comment to somewhat personalize it and then press the “Share” button. The original company post and your message will subsequently be sent to all of your Facebook friends.

5 – Hire a social media marketing firm

A social media campaign on Facebook can grow exponentially – if done properly. This means dozens of posts per month and engaging the audience. If you are a “one-man” show or if run a larger company and are more preoccupied with building your business in other ways, hiring a social media marketing firm may be a better alternative to running the online campaign yourself. Also, a dedicated online marketing firm brings its own set of skills and experience. This expertise can more than pay for itself over the long haul concerning exposure, market penetration, and conversions.

Currently, there are well over 50 million small business web pages on Facebook – with over 80% of them vying for the attention of end-users. By following the five simple tips outlined above, your posts will rise above the average and garner a much broader audience than by solely sharing them from the company page. In fact, with any luck, a “snowball” effect can be created, and hundreds and then thousands of Facebook users will see your post.

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