Successful marketing in the connected economy starts with a network of relationships. Fortunately, your employees can start as the core of this system when you release the social power of LinkedIn. This professional user base becomes more significant every day as more people use the LinkedIn for a search engine to find business contacts. When your employees create and optimize their profiles, it promotes your company’s reputation as well. Let’s look at three reasons to encourage your employees to participate on your LinkedIn company page.


Increased Visibility

Did you know LinkedIn has a search function? Your company’s rank on LinkedIn search results depends on quality and relevance. If you don’t have one already, you need a LinkedIn company page. Next, you need to increase your visibility on the LinkedIn platform. The easiest way to move up on the results list is to reward your employees for optimizing their profiles. As a bonus, Google picks up keywords included in the worker posts and profiles so your company’s Google ranking will also improve. When potential customers see their friends and family work for your business, they see it as a recommendation. Several studies, including this one from Nielsen, show that customers trust the recommendations of friends and family above all others.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

It’s normal to wonder if participating on LinkedIn and other social media platforms will encourage your employees to seek greener pastures. Surprisingly, a recent study by the Altimeter Group shows just the opposite. Employees at companies successfully using social media are:

  • Optimistic about their employer’s future
  • 20 percent more likely to stay at their present organization
  • More connected with the business community both inside and outside their own company
  • Likely to recommend your business services to family and friends

When you trust your employees and authentically encourage their professional growth, you build a foundation of relationships that make people want to stay at your business. When they post on your LinkedIn company page, the community will notice. As unemployment drops, keeping good employees is more critical. Increasing your social media presence is one proven way to do that. Plus, satisfied employees sharing your LinkedIn company page is your best recruitment tool when you need to hire more talent.

Increased Connectivity

Social media has created an economy that thrives on connectivity. The key to success is authenticity. Employees and customers can always tell if you are just going through the motions. Authentic relationship connections work from the inside of the organization outward to reveal market opportunities. When your employees share product updates and helpful tips on your LinkedIn company page, customers hear relatable human voices. Socially engaged companies also attract better talent. The Altimeter Group survey found that businesses generating leads and actively recruiting through a LinkedIn company page believe they are 57 percent more likely to attract great talent.

Getting Started

So where do you start? The first step is setting an example by optimizing your own LinkedIn profile. Show that you are serious about this initiative by encouraging, but not requiring your employees to create and update their profiles. Here are some other steps you can take:

  1. Schedule a training session
  2. Provide employees a visual guide to creating a LinkedIn profile
  3. Hire a photographer to take professional profile photos
  4. Delegate responsibility for updating your LinkedIn company page
  5. Alert your workforce when you make an update on your LinkedIn company page that they can share
  6. Respect employees who hesitate or resist jumping onto social media. By providing training and encouragement, your workforce can become your most potent marketing voice on your LinkedIn company page and beyond.  Here are 5 things a CEO should avoid on their LinkedIn profile.


Authentically valuing the people in your organization increases loyalty from both employees and customers. When you create a LinkedIn company page and encourage your employees to fill out their LinkedIn profiles, and you will be on your way to gaining a competitive advantage in the connected economy.

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