6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Blog… And 1 Reason It Doesn’t.

3 Quick Reasons Your Company Needs a Blog

Here are 3 quick reasons your company needs a blog.  Small & medium-sized businesses that blog get:

  1. 55% more web visitors
  2. 102% more Twitter followers
  3. 126% higher lead growth

3 More Reasons Your Company Needs a Blog

1. Google Loves Fresh Content

Search engine ranking algorithms rely heavily on determining whether website content is recent.   Blogging is an effective way to continually inject relevant fresh content into your site.   The more postings… the better.   Businesses that post multiple times per day are significantly more likely to generate customers from their blog than those who post only on a monthly basis.

2. Create Credibility

You know that you are an expert in your field, but nobody else knows that.   Blogging provides a forum for you to provide samples of your expertise.  In professional services and software consulting arenas, the purchase price for such engagements can be extremely high.  It’s in the best interest of every business to create a connection with potential customers that provides a solid reason to validate their decision to purchase your services.

3. Participate in the Discussion About Your Company

If your company is not blogging or participating within online forums, you are essentially opting out of the conversation about your company.   By choosing to opt-out, you are at the mercy of those in cyberspace to drive the discussion… and it can often be negative or defamatory.   Conduct a search on your company name… How many search engine listings are on page 1 that were not produced by your firm? It would be more effective to have those listings drive the discussion and drive traffic to your site.

1 Reason Your Company Shouldn’t Blog

If you insist on making the excuse, “There is no time to contribute or “There is nobody available to contribute.”

There is nothing worse than a “dead” blog.   Visitors and subscribers will quickly lose interest if they see that the last time you posted was 6 months ago.   It is a healthy commitment to include a blog in your marketing strategy and you need to plan accordingly.   Here are a few tips to assist with time and resource problems:

  1. Create a posting strategy that continually promises new content.  Produce a posting plan on a recurring frequency (daily, weekly).
  2. Leverage a team of resources to post rather than rely on one person.  Make it a part of the job description or standard protocol for “bench” or “beach” time.
  3. Pay for content.  Outsource a portion of your blog to an agency and/or outside experts.  This will ensure fresh content that is independent of your company’s time and resource limitations.


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