Many small businesses decide against outsourcing because of the perceived additional cost. However, in taking this route, companies fail to calculate the opportunities that are lost, mainly because of the time and energy that is funneled into tasks that could be left to others. Outsourcing frees up small business owners and staff to focus on growing their business, rather than merely maintaining it. Among the top things your small business outsource plan should include are:


1. Accounting

Accounting is time-consuming, and if you do not have the training or experience, it can also be difficult. Mistakes in your accounting can have adverse effects on your business over both the short and long term. Not only does outsourcing your accounts free up time, but using a professional means you are much less likely to fall foul of State or Federal rules. Other benefits of outsourcing your accounting include:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Simplifying processes
  • Achieving cost savings
  • Reducing mistakes
  • Improved reporting

2. Content Marketing

Every small business should have an online presence, but if it is poorly managed, then your presence could do you more harm than good. Online content needs to be carefully crafted to reach the right audience and keep them engaged. It also needs to contain the right keywords and phrases to reach the first page of any search engine results. As well as freeing up staff to focus on their essential tasks, outsourcing your content marketing will ensure:

  • High-quality content
  • On-time delivery
  • Access to a range of expertise
  • Cost-effectiveness of content
  • A wider audience reach

3. Social Media

Social media is becoming an increasingly important part of any small business’ online presence. Social media allows you to reach a wider audience and efficiently communicate with new and existing customers. However, it is time-consuming to update different feeds and platforms continually, and if you are using it to engage your customers directly, someone needs to be there regularly. Using a social media expert, preferably one that can also undertake your content marketing, means you have one less thing to worry about, and your online brand is consistent across all the channels where you have a presence.

4. PPC Management

Pay Per Click advertising, when used well, can grow your audience, and your customer base significantly. However, PPC management requires a specific skill set and understanding of Search engines, such as Google. Without this knowledge, you may get many clicks, all of which cost you money, but unless these click-throughs become paying customers, you are not getting value for money. Other benefits of small business outsourcing PPC management include:

  • Lower costs
  • Access to innovative techniques
  • Access to trained and knowledgeable professionals
  • A holistic approach
  • Complete time management

5. Web Design

Customers have a very short attention span when it comes to browsing businesses online. If your website fails to load quickly, your menus are confusing, or your check out process is flawed, you will experience an increased drop off rate. Hiring a professional to create and even maintain your website is not cheap, but you will recoup your investment with reduced mistakes, happier customers, and improved sales.

6. Artwork

Creating images for your website, taking photographs for a brochure, creating a video for social media, or creating a letterhead; these are all tasks that are better left to the professional. You may think you are a great artist, but if your competitors are using professionals, you will struggle to stand out among them, at least for the right reasons. Finding a talent designer or artist to create all your artwork ensures a consistently high standard and compelling brand image.

7. HR Administration

Unless you are running your business on your own, you need someone to run your human resources administration. Everything from collecting payment details to back to work interviews and recruitment can be outsourced. One of the biggest reasons small businesses do not outsource to creative agencies is they fear losing control, or the move having a negative impact on their relationship with their employees. However, these and other risks can be minimized by choosing the right HR outsourcing company to work with. By small business outsourcing HR administration, the costs are reduced while efficiency, information management, and flexibility are increased.

By outsourcing these areas of your business, you can spend more time engaging with your customers, promoting your goods and services, and developing new products and services that better fit the needs of your growing customer base. Small business outsource plans that include the areas above mean less frustration and time spent on trivial tasks while benefiting from access to a wide range of professionals that all have your success on the forefront of everything they do.

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